Advisee Responsibilities

By following these simple guidelines you will be taking full advantage of your academic advising appointment. Students who demonstrate ownership and understanding of their degree program are more likely to be successful!

  • Read and become familiar with the Elementary Education major check sheet.
  • Read and become familiar with your Second Academic Concentration check sheet.
  • Read and become familiar with the example Four-Year Plan (DOC).
  • Make a list of possible courses that you would like to take each semester using the academic planning form (PDF). Please remember to bring this list to your advising appointment. Your advisor will be happy to give you feedback!
  • Bring pen, paper, and check sheets to your advising appointment.
  • Make a list of questions to ask your advisor (admission requirements, summer school, transfer courses, career issues, etc.).
  • Be aware of important dates and deadlines. The ASU academic calendar can be found at: see "calendars and schedules"
  • Meet all requirements for admission to the College of Education as soon as possible -- Praxis Core, 2.5 GPA, completion of FDN 2400 and CI 2300, completion of application to Teacher Education (see Admission to the College of Education for full details).
  • Be proactive, make decisions with the help of your advisor, and take responsibility for your education!