Admission to the College of Education

Important note: It is highly recommended that students complete the Praxis Core (if required based on SAT or ACT) during their freshman year. Remember that you will need to be officially admitted to teacher education/ RCOE before taking advanced courses in the major. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students use resources and planning tools provided on this site.

To be admitted to the Elementary Education program, a student must make formal application to the Dean's Office in the Reich College of Education. Students can complete the application to teacher education via their Appalnet account. All admission criteria listed below must be met prior to the formal application being submitted. Please review the following criteria and discuss your progress and questions with your academic advisor at each meeting. For more information regarding admission to the College of Education, please visit:

Students must have:

  1. Completed at least 45 semester hours.
  2. Earned a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.50. (A 2.50 GPA must be maintained to graduate).
  3. Attained acceptable scores on Praxis Core Academic Skills (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics). Students may be exempt from Praxis Core based on SAT or ACT scores (see Testing). Your academic advisor can assist you in evaluating your scores to determine what sections of Praxis Core, if any, will be required.
  4. Completed CI 2300 and FDN 2400 with a grade of "C" (2.0) or higher.
  5. Declared an 18 semester hour Second Academic Concentration with their academic advisor.
  6. Transfer students, including those who have completed 45 semester hours, must complete 12 semester hours at ASU with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 before applying along with all other admission requirements.
  7. The online application to teacher education must be completed online through the students Appalnet Student Services tab. **An online Criminal Backround Check (CBC) may be required as part of this process.

Important: Students must complete all of the above requirements and be admitted to the College of Education prior to beginning some major courses including Block 1 and Block 2. Therefore, it is important that you plan to complete all the admission requirements and apply to teacher education as soon as possible.